Drag & Drop Attachments

Updated for Madrid & New York releases as well as adding many new features!!!


Displays an inline attachment section with support for drag-n-drop uploads on any catalog item or record producer within Service Portal


  • No changes to out-of-box widgets
  • Supports drag-n-drop
  • Supports multiple attachments at once
  • Attachments can be required via Portal Options
  • Attachments can be disabled via Portal Options
  • When enabled, replaces the OOB attachment feature


  • Limited to Service Portal, will not work in CMS
  • Does not support order guides
  • Only supports “widget-sc-cat-item-v2” widget


  1. Install the update set
  2. Navigate to a catalog item or record producer and add Catalog Attachments to the Variable Sets related list.


All configuration is done via the Portal Settings tab on the catalog item form.