K18 CreatorCon Example Widgets

Overview: Includes the widgets that were used during the K18 CreatorCon breakout: "Unlocking Service Portal Widgets". Examples: Good Coding Practices Maintainable Widgets Async Widgets Streamlined Queries Installation: Uncompress the ZIP file Upload and commit the Update Set Navigate to Service Portal page: /sp?id=k18_good_practices

Gamification for Service Portal

Overview: Gamification is a great way to add incentives for users to explore and use the service portal repeatedly. In our Knowledge18 session, we demonstrated how to implement gamification in the Service Portal to introduce users to the portal and encourage them to complete certain tasks. Includes: Scoped Application Example for Guided Tour Example for Social Q&A For additional instructions and documentation, check out our blog post.

Require Attachments

Overview: Currently in Service Portal there is no out-of-box way to require attachments on a record producer or catalog item. There have been several solutions posted on the community, but they all require cloning and modifying the widget. This update set includes a variable set, that when added to a record producer or catalog item, displays an attachments field and requires that the user first add at least one attachment prior to submitting the form. Features: No changes to out-of-box widgets Adds inline attachment button Easily reusable on multiple record producers Limitations: Limited to Service Portal, will not work in CMS Does not support order guides

Image Link

Overview: The Image Link widget is the same as the out-of-box Icon Link widget, except it allows you to use custom images instead of icons in your Service Portal. Features: The widget supports all the same options as the Icon Link widget. Adds support for image uploads Support for three different templates

Greetings Title

Overview: To create a personalized welcome message, use the Greetings Title widget to generate a message that displays the users first name in the page title. Does not embed the Typeahead Search widget, so you will need to include that separately if this widget is used on the portal homepage. Features: Supports custom greeting (e.g. Hello ______) Option for disabling greeting Displays both title and short_description (optional)

snRecordPicker Example

Overview: One of the very powerful directives available in Service Portal is the snRecordPicker. This directive generates a field very similar to a reference field in the platform. This is very useful when creating custom widgets that will be interacting with tables and records in ServiceNow. For documentation on this widget, see this post: https://serviceportal.io/sn-record-picker/

K17 Theme Breakout

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend our CreatorCon breakout at Knowledge 2017. It was great finally meeting so many of you. Due to overwhelming demand, we are releasing the Presentation and Update Set for the theme we built during the breakout. To keep things simple, I’ve rebuilt the Update Set to not modify any of the out-of-box records and instead create new records. Also keep in mind this theme only styles the homepage and does not alter the content or layout. Once installed, you can view the portal by going to: https://instance.service-now.com/k17 Session ID: CCB4221 Presenter(s): Todd Bashor, Nathan Firth Company(s): NewRocket, Inc. Abstract: Wondering how to get your service portal to align with your branding guidelines? Fortunately, with the right approach, you can quickly and consistently achieve the look you want. In this session, you'll learn how to build a custom theme by correctly applying styles at the widget, page, and theme level and taking advantage of out of the box styles and css variables.

Related List Widget

Overview: Adds the missing related list functionality to the Service Portal form page. Features: Supports customization of click-through page Uses the out-of-box Data Table widget Displays in tabbed view Supports pagination and sorting