Announcing the Contextual Search Results Widget

UPDATE: Now with updated pricing!

Available now in the ServiceNow app store!

With the NewRocket Contextual Search Results Widget your company can achieve incident deflection in the Service Portal. As self-service users enter details about their issue, search results appear within the form, allowing the user to view relevant knowledge articles, catalog items, or social Q&A thread instead of submitting an incident. The result: less incidents submitted and more satisfied users.

Key Features

РIntegrates with existing record producers

– View search results while typing

– View individual result items without navigating to a new page

– Simple to configure to show relevant knowledge articles, pinned articles, social Q&A and/or catalog items

Click here for more details and pricing information!


  1. Hey Nathan,

    The link to the app store does not appear to be working. Is this still available?


    1. Brendan, try again. We did an update and when the new version came out the old URL stopped working. If you have any questions or need anything just let me know.

  2. Hi Nathan,

    After the user clicks on “This Helped” for any knowledge article,how can we redirect the users to the page we desired?
    I could see the code in widget ,but i guess if the widget is modified,its applicable across all the portals?We want users to be redirected in selected portals.

  3. Hi Nathan,

    We have requirement to allow users to create incident only when the context search article is not helpful. Could you please guide us how to achieve that functionality?


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