My Journey from founding to selling NewRocket to joining the ShareLogic team!

Today it’s with very mixed feelings that I announce that I have stepped away from my role at NewRocket, the company that I founded in 2016 with a mission to improve the digital workplace experience. This transition marks the end of a significant era of my life, but I’m extremely excited to share that I’ve joined the ShareLogic team as the Chief Creative Officer. I’ve known both James and Tim for over a decade, and their suite of integration products they have developed for ServiceNow are nothing short of extraordinary!

I’m also happy to share that I’ve been working on a blog post that documents my story from working at ServiceNow, to founding NewRocket, and to ultimately deciding to sell the business. I’ve uploaded a ton of photos and share the story from beginning to end. So if you’ve been following my journey for a while, I think you will really enjoy this post.

Read the Story of NewRocket


And finally, I will still be attending the Knowledge conference in Las Vegas next month, so if you will be there and would like to meet, please book some time on my calendar!

Let’s Meet at Knowledge 24


  1. All the best to you Nathan, keep up the great work. I’ve been following you and your endeavors since the inception of Service Portal, great to see what you’ve achieved. I’ll be checking out ShareLogic now, sounds interesting. I hope you keep running too.

    1. Thanks, Adam! Yes, I will continue to run and Hope to see you at Knowledge next month.

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