Reach App by NewRocket — Hackathon 2020

This year our NewRocket team had the opportunity to build an application for ServiceNow’s Hackathon during Knowledge 2020. They had roughly 48 hours to build a functional app that fell within one of five specified categories. Choosing the Social Good category, our team developed a dynamic, personalized hub with relevant information and resources.

Introducing Reach!

People from all backgrounds are feeling overwhelmed trying to find reliable information and local resources under stressful conditions. With a new set of challenges, comes an opportunity for innovative solutions.

Using ServiceNow to Help Others in Need

The Reach application uses core platform capabilities, the CSM application, and personalization algorithms to make a difference locally, by creating a dynamic, personalized hub for information and resources.

The Reach suggestion algorithm uses user preferences to feed content into the dynamic layout algorithm which embeds widgets into the proper location on the page – resulting in an attractive, personalized experience. This personalization complements and extends the concepts of campaigns and user criteria. The layouts themselves are easily configurable through modifications in the theme style sheet. This overcomes the static layout limitations of the current Service Portal framework.

Community organizers can control content and moderate content contributed by the community. Because of the flexibility of the suggestion and layout algorithms, nearly any type of content can be easily surfaced throughout the site. To make the system even more adaptive, future versions could use ServiceNow’s machine learning to drive suggestions.

Reach can be customized and used by cities of any size – whether they’re promoting summer events or resources for natural disasters. The personalized home pages can revolutionize the corporate intranet.

Reach: The app that helps people reach information and one another, just when they need it most.


  1. Fascinating! A brilliant demonstration of expanding the capabilities of the Now platform. Great job!

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