Service Portal Update

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the release of Service Portal so I wanted to send out a quick update. Service Portal is being released in Geneva only as an opt-in technology preview. What that means is, it can be enabled only by ServiceNow, is for evaluation purposes only, and not for production use. Service Portal is scheduled to be fully available in Helsinki. To partake in the Geneva technology preview of Service Portal, please contact your ServiceNow support representative.

For an inside look at the technology behind Service Portal, Dwight Gunning has put together a Google Doc.


  1. Is it possible to enable the Service Portal in a SN developer community instance?
    I’d like to see how the content queries are worked into the server-side script models. And I’m very curious about this claim of no iframes. jQuery frames? HTML5 trickery?

    1. Jeff, it can only be enabled on your instance by ServiceNow support. I’m not sure wether this is being permitted yet, but it wouldn’t hurt asking.

  2. Got this reply from HI:
    “The Service Portal plugin has not yet been approved for general release and cannot be activated at this time.
    It was expected to be ready in Geneva, however, this is not the case.
    It does not have the correct functionality in Geneva and is not expected to be available until the Helsinki release.”

  3. Hi Nathan,
    Just wanted to know if any mobile apps ( apk or ios ) is available for Service Portal ?
    I understand Service Portal itself is mobile friendly and layout gets changed based on the device type in browser. But do we have any isolated mobile app ( apk or ios) released or planning to release in future for service portal ?

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