The New Service Portal

For those of you who didn’t see Fred Luddy’s keynote at Knowledge 15, you missed the demo of the new Service Portal. Although it is not necessarily a direct replacement for CMS, it does address a lot of the major issues of the current CMS and introduces several new features, such as:

  • responsive service catalog & knowledge
  • no iframes
  • no prototype.js
  • built with Bootstrap & Angular.js
  • simple drag-n-drop interface
  • customizable widgets
  • realtime chat

For a sneak peak of what’s to come, watch Fred’s keynote on the community:


  1. This is looking great Nathan, I can’t wait to try it out. Is this the project that you’ve been involved in since moving over to ServiceNow?

    1. Joel, yes I’m currently team lead on the project. It’s turning out really cool and I think it’s going to drastically reduce the time and challenges for deploying custom portals. I’m currently hiring here in San Diego if you or anyone you know is interested, in particular looking for developers with experience with Angular.js.

      1. Hey Nathan,

        I have submitted a couple referral applications for Andrew Wittrock. He’s a good friend of mine and is very interested in the Angular positions. Let me know if you’d like some more information.

      2. Hi Nathan.

        I’m also looking for ServiceNow candidates with all Levels of experience to travel about 80% of the time. Must have completed their Bachelors Degree. Please, let me know if you know of anyone. There’s a referral bonus if they get hired.

        Highest Regards,


  2. Hi Nathan, I am developing an ESS CMS page for my Company. I am new to this in ServiceNow. Is there any books you recommend?



    1. As far as I know there are no books on CMS. Even the documentation on CMS is pretty weak, the only sources that I think you will find (besides this site) is the wiki, the community, independent blogs, or YouTube videos. You can also find some Knowledge lab guides online that have pretty in depth tutorials.

      Take a look at:

    2. There appears to be only one book on ServceNow. It is titled “Master ServiceNow”. Chapter 10 deals with CMS. It’s not great but it seems to be all that’s out there.

  3. Hi Nathan,

    I am currently working on transforming the ServiceNow CMS to achieve basically the same as the proposed new service portal. So tableless design, bootstrap, the use of jQuery instead of prototype or the Bootstrap prototype js library instead of jQuery (trying to find an alternative to rewriting one or the other to avoid the JS conflict bugs) ,better UX and responsive design. I am also considering Angular since I have SPA experience.

    It’s not very useful to work in parallel and reinvent the wheel and you seem to be making groundbreaking progress.

    I am happy to work with you on this, or if you have already finished when do you think we can start using the solution?


        1. There is an early access program for certain partners but I have no control over that. But I would just wait until Geneva is released since we are still developing the Service Portal and it is not quite ready for production yet.

          1. Nathan,
            Thank you so much for this site! I’m currently running a Geneva developer instance and we can’t grab an entitlement to upgrade our production instances until next week. Is the Portal Creator app shown above going to make it into this release? The Geneva release docs don’t mention anything about it and our account Solutions Consultant says he doesn’t know as well. Thank you in advance.

          2. It’s available as a technology preview only. You can request that it be enabled on your instance for evaluation purposes, but it’s better to wait till Helsinki when it will be GA.

      1. I have an instance on Geneva Patch 0 Hotfix 1 and I’m not seeing the plugin… Did it not make the initial release or am I just somehow missing it?

    1. I don’t moderate legitimate comments, only for preventing spam. This looks nothing like OSU and this design was completed prior to seeing the OSU portal. OSU did a nice job but hardly original, there are hundreds of of sites that look just like it.

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