Titans of Now: Nathan Firth

Last week I had the awesome opportunity of being interviewed by Robert Fedoruk on his YouTube Channel. We discussed Service Portal, the mobile frontier, and the new ServiceNow UI framework. Have a listen and let me know what you think!


  1. What an inspiration,great vision for the future, I’ve been banging this drum for years “great platform, ugly as sin” – I’m “the portal guy” where I work but after watching that I am ready to hand in my ID and try something different.

    What advice would you give to someone who wanted to make awe striking portals?

    Thanks for the video when you think ServiceNow has peaked you really showed what is possible

    1. Thanks, Warren. The key to an amazing portal starts with user research and design. Understanding the user and why they come to the portal is vital, and then use that information to work with an experienced UX and UI team to create an intuitive and beautiful design. Although experience with modern web technologies is important, the end-user cannot see the code, so the only thing that matters to them is the user interface.

  2. Hey Nathan, that’s a great listen. I totally agree with everything you said. I am the Portal developer on the project I’m on and I too think that the way that AngularJS was baked into ServiceNow is very, very good. I too agree that the most amazing concept in the portal is the widgets and how powerful they are, I have done some amazing things with them that you just couldn’t have done a long time ago, in fact it’s making the actual platform seem dated and limited now. I also agree with the typical IT developer not thinking about the UI/UX side of things, the problem is time, they get given a requirement and the demanding customer wants it done now which has an impact on the UI/UX because in my experience they are even worse in those areas (not all of course)

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