Building a Better Service Portal: Lessons from the Field

Service Portal provides an incredible new opportunity to improve service experience in your organization. It offers a fresh and modern approach to development. But with anything new, there is always a learning curve and some growing pains. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, delivering a new service portal experience to your organization can be a smooth and rewarding journey. After helping dozens of organizations deliver Service Portals, we want to share what works and what doesn’t. If you are starting your service portal journey, this session will help you take the right path.


  1. I was not listen to it before today, and I really appreciate, thanks to give us practices from the field. I really understand the same issue to implement service portal and this video should be used to any projects that needs to launch a service portal. and even for existing portal. and you are right to understand your customers and to really use data from existing portal to learn your customers and their behaviors.

    Lots of practices from UX, prototyping, simple facts but simpler is the better but sometimes organizations and peoples just miss or forget it.

    For instance every requirement is not just a search, you are pointing just the right thing.

    Thanks for this wonderful sharing, i was really appreciate to get it in live.

  2. Large order guides cause performance issues, rather they should be split into multiple smaller order guides, so what is the threshold to keep performance high? I mean how many maximum variable can be used to keep performance high?

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