Gamification in Service Portal (Knowledge18 CreatorCon)



Thanks for attending our Knowledge18 CreatorCon Session. During this session, NewRocket showcased a scoped Gamification application that is available to download free here:


NOTE It is required that your version of ServiceNow is running Jakarta or later. This scoped app is not supported on Istanbul or earlier.


  • GamificationAPI (Script Include) – Contains the application logic
  • Activities (Table)
  • Badges (Table)
  • Levels (Table)
  • User Badges (Table)
  • User Activities (Table)
  • Gamer (Table)
  • Gamification Points & Badges (Widget)
  • Gamification Event Listener (Widget)
  • Gamification Examples (Widget)
  • Gamification (Page)
  • Driver.js (Widget Dependency)
    • GamificationDriver (UI Script)
    • GamificationTourConfig (UI Script)
    • GamificationDriver (CSS Include)


  1. Install & commit the Update Set
  2. Navigate to your portal theme record (e.g. Stock)
  3. Inside the Header or Footer, embed the Gamification Event Listener widget using the folllowing code:
    <widget id=”gamification-event-listener”></widget>
  4. Navigate to the gamification portal page (e.g. /sp?id=gamification)
  5. Click Award Points
  6. If all has been successful, you should be rewarded with 100 points

Included Examples

  • Feature Tour (using Driver.js Library)
  • Social Q&A


Includes “Gamification for Service Portal” Application Menu with the following Modules:

  • Activities – The activities users complete to earn points
  • Badges – Badges are earned based on accomplishments
  • Gamers – An extension of sys_user, stores user points
  • Levels – The levels users can obtain based on number of points

To configure the Driver.js Feature Tour, edit the GamificationTourConfig UI Script.


Corrections – (6/13/18)

  • The GamificationAPI Script Include needs “Accessible from” set to “All application scopes”
  • The documentation incorrectly lists the app prefix as “x_nero_gamificatio”, however it should be “x_nero_gamificati”

Additional documentation has been provided on the Gamification portal page (/sp?id=gamification).

For more information on the Driver.js library, check out the docs here:


  1. Love it, easy to install – just a couple questions: the badge icons don’t appear, gives a broken picture icon and the points don’t show up until I refresh…any easy fixes to this? The icons are in the badges table…thanks!!

  2. Hi Nathan, I think Social Q&A example requires more information like changing the GamificationAPI script include to Accessible from – All application scopes.
    Also, the following needs to be changed as well for me to work.
    var api = new x_nero_gamificatio.GamificationAPI(); to
    var api = new x_nero_gamificati.GamificationAPI();

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