The “content_page” object is a scriptable java object called ‘GlideContentPage’. In a script you can simply do:

Which will get you access to the following functions:

  • getSiteID
  • getID
  • getURLSuffix
  • getParentPage
  • getName
  • getDescription
  • getMeta
  • getTheme
  • isValid
  • getTitle
  • getModelTable
  • getModelID
  • getDefaultLayout
  • cloneable
  • isFrameBuster

One comment

  1. General Note:

    In CMS, if you are looking to access the details of a page using these function, use ‘current_page.getID()’.
    For example:

    var contentPage = new GlideContentPage(current_page.getID());

    This will work in a UI Macro or Dynamic Content Block.

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