GlideSPScriptable Cheat Sheet

Service Portal Cheat Sheet


Did you know there are over 60 server-side methods available in GlideSPScriptable ($sp)? Many of these methods are hidden or not documented, so we’ve combed through all the widgets and source code to provide you with this cheat sheet that includes all of the $sp methods available in Service Portal. Now updated for the New York release.

Save time and maximize your productivity with this quick reference document for you to use day-to-day. Enjoy!


  1. Hi,

    This is a goldmine =) and thanks for sharing. I noticed thou that some of these don’t match what is used inside the instance. E.g. getForm, which in the Cheatsheet has 2 parameters, but I just noticed that in the Baseline form widget, it looks like this:
    “data.f = $sp.getForm(data.table, data.sys_id, data.query, data.view);”


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