How to Use GraphQL in ServiceNow & Service Portal


GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs. GraphQL offers many benefits over REST API’s, including:

  • Fetching data across multiple sources from a single API call
  • Returns only the data that is requested
  • Supports validation and type checking
  • Autogenerating API documentation

In this video, I’ll show you how to construct a sample GraphQL query to fetch data in ServiceNow and then how we can use GraphQL inside of a ServicePortal widget.


To start, I would recommend you download GraphiQL, a GUI for editing and testing GraphQL queries and mutations. You can download it here:

The GraphQL Endpoint is:


In order to use the documentation and auto-completion, you’ll need to enable the glide.graphql.introspection_enabled system property.

Service Portal Widget

You can download the widget update set here:

It’s compressed as a ZIP file, so remember to uncompress before uploading.

Example GraphQL Query

Further Reading

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to comment below.


  1. Hi Nathan, great video.
    “glide.graphql.introspection_enabled” is no longer a maint-only property and can now be enabled by admins as well.

  2. Hi Nathan.

    1. I tried to import the widget XML but it’s not importing. (Unzipped and imported but no luck).
    2. I cant able to connect my instance with the GraphQL tool (
    3. Can you explain in detail how can we use the GraphQL Query on the service portal widget. (I can’t able to connect with GraphQL API)

  3. Awesome video & content Nathan.!
    I’m trying to do this, except with an external graphQL endpoint instead of a ServiceNow one. Is there anything else I have to do besides update the url in the $ I did this and it doesn’t work.

  4. Hi Nathan,

    Thank you very much for this ultra useful resource!

    Might you please provide an example for a mutation (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE)?

    This would helps us a lot to adopt GraphQL.

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