Introducing NewRocket

It’s been an incredible journey over the past year going back to ServiceNow to help develop the new Service Portal. I know that Service Portal is going to be a game changer… not just for building portals, but also for developing custom applications and enabling “everything as a service” within the enterprise.

Introducing NewRocket.

Today I’m very excited to announce the launch of NewRocket, Inc.; a new company focused on creating extraordinary experiences on ServiceNow through self-service portals and custom applications.

By the time Service Portal is released in Helsinki we will have several complete turn-key solutions and Service Portal themes built and ready to go.

For more information check out:

Early adopters wanted.

I am looking for a couple companies (applies to partners as well) who are looking to upgrade to Helsinki and build a new portal on Service Portal within the next 6 months. We’re offering a reduced rate on portal development in exchange for feedback on our portal offerings.

Thank you all for the support, and I look forward to seeing many of you at Knowledge next month.


Nathan Firth
Founder, Principal ServiceNow Architect


  1. Would like more information on early adopters program.

    Also want to know if you’re be at Knowledge 16 in Vegas

    George Magallanes
    ESM, Solution Architect ServiceNow

  2. George, I will email you details in the morning. Yes! I will be at K16, would love to connect with you there.

  3. Have been following your blog for a year now. Its been a wonderful experience. Wanted to congratulate you on your Newrocket venture.

  4. Was wondering about the image link widget xml file you have in the
    It doesn’t seem to be working

    1. Romeo, ServiceNow recently added a required view to the instance table. If you go to the Instance table, change the view to “Sp Instance Config” and then add the “Image” field to the form, and then the Instance Options should work again as expected. We haven’t had the chance to update the widget yet.

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