Looking for the best portals on ServiceNow!

It never fails to amaze me the incredible custom applications and portals customers and partners around the world are developing on the ServiceNow platform. Using everything from CMS, Processors, UI Pages, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Service Portal. It’s been a huge inspiration for me and as part of the ongoing effort of this website, I would love to start featuring some of portals and applications you guys build.

So with that, if you have a portal or custom application that you would like to showcase, please email me a few screen captures to: nathan@servicenowcms.com.

Make sure to include some details about the project such as: what technologies was used, which plugins do you interface with (e.g. knowledge base, service catalog), did you develop internally or work with a partner, and how has it impacted your organization.

By emailing me you are granting permission to post the screen captures and details on this site.


  1. Hi Nathan,

    Did you got some screen shot that you can share?
    Will love to get some ideas about new CMS for our company…

    Thank you!

    1. I did, however being a ServiceNow employee I ran into some issues with what I am allowed to show on here. I would suggest doing a quick Google search for “servicenow service portal” and you find several examples of portals.

  2. Hi Nathan,
    I need to add sub menus horizontally instead of drop down in my portal.
    Can you please assist me for the same.

  3. Hi Nathan,
    I need to create an attachment /upload file functionalities in service portal without using record producer as there is no record producer created in my existing application.

    So could you please help me on this , how to create this functinality in html page and save this image and show the image in the ticket itself.

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