SpaceRocket 404 Page for Service Portal

I’m always been a fan of creative 404 pages, especially when they include something interactive, like a game (hence the reason I developed the OOB breakout game). So when I saw ServiceNow post a 404 Page challenge, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to create a space/rocket themed 404 game. Given that I don’t have a lot of free time, I pulled some of the game logic from a Github tutorial, and then spent the rest of the day integrating it into a Service Portal widget, and adding new functionality such as High Score tracking, and presenting it with some cool graphics.

I think it turned out pretty cool for a quick weekend project. The game is live on our demo instance if you want to check it out:$

It’s only been tested on Chrome, Safari, and iOS Safari… so if you find any bugs let me know.

To submit your own 404 Page, or see some of the other submissions, head on over to the community:






  1. Was one of my favorite games during college! Played it in bowling alley / arcade @ Cal Poly, SLO. I know… I’m that old. Thanks for refreshing memories from a wonderful time of my life!

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