Top 5 Features in the Paris Release

This year’s Paris release is full of great new functionality and updates to the ServiceNow platform. Needless to say, there were a ton of features to cover, so instead of compiling an enormous list, I’ve put together this video of my personal top 5 features. I bet at least a couple of these will surprise you!

Check out the video. Let me know in the comments below if you agree or if you feel there is a big feature that should have made the list.

The official release notes can be found here:


  1. We were super excited for the “Delegated request experience” too, but much to our dismay, we cannot get it to work in Order Guides. According to the article here (, it appears that it should work in Order Guides, as they have a section dedicated to it. However, even when we follow those steps, it doesn’t work. The Requested For field does not allow for additional people to be selected.

    Interestingly, we also stumbled across this article from Jace Benson, it which he states that it does NOT work for Order Guides:, which seems in direct contrast to their article (but our experience seems to support).

    I have opened a HI Ticket to try to get clarification on this.

  2. A follow-up to the earlier comment I submitted. It seems that the “Delegated Request Experience” only works for single users on Order Guides and Record Producers (so you cannot get that automated multi-RITM creation like you can from Catalog Items). I confirmed it ServiceNow. They suggested that I submit an Idea on the Idea Portal. So if anyone would like to see this multi-user option extended to Order Guides or Record Producers. please vote for this idea:

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