Unlocking Service Portal Widgets

How do you go from hacking a widget together to creating one that is maintainable, easy to understand and performant? You accomplish a lot with Service Portal widgets with a little knowledge of ServiceNow APIs and Angular.js, but too often widget client and server scripts become long and overly complicated. In this session, you will learn practical techniques to make your controller and server scripts more maintainable, flexible and powerful by embracing good coding practices, encapsulation, and decoupling.

You can download the widgets used in this video here: https://serviceportal.io/downloads/k18-creatorcon-example-widgets/


  1. Thank you for this sharing as always very helpful, I will after this post review our widgets and will think more different now about clone a widget. Its is just an easy way but also a dangerous one.

    Service Portal is very stong with Angular JS and Bootstrap capabilities with ng-templates and S-CSS, I will think different now with the decoupling even if we start begin it. It is just a matter of continuous improvement and think performances in production.

    Aa always you explain with the right use case “My Item” and it is just so helpful. Please continue.

    These practices should be included on Service Portal Advanced training booklet.

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