CMS Dynamic Edit Page Button

Jumping between the page preview and the page editor is always a pain. Even with multiple tabs I always seem to loose the edit page screen, so I’ve created this UI Macro which puts a “Edit Page” button on every page. When editing a page it changes to “View Page”. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you find this useful.

  1. Create a UI Macro with:
    Name: “render_cms_edit_button”
  2. Insert the content block in to your site layouts at very bottom using


    1. Charlie, under the site or page form you have a “layout” reference field. In all the layouts you use, just drop that line at the very bottom.

      1. Thank you! I’ve come along way since my post above.

        I’m looking forward to Geneva! Glad you are leading the team to help improve the CMS portion of SN!

  1. Hi,

    Can You tell me how to add Buttons in Ticket form in Service Portal. I want to add ‘Resolve’, ‘Reopen’ and ‘closed’ button in Ticket (incident) form of Service portal for End users who has created the incident. How to add these buttons and how to execute the code related to this button. Like if we click ‘Resolve” button, Incident state should become ‘Resolved’ etc.

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