The "content_page" object is a scriptable java object called 'GlideContentPage'. In a script you can simply do: [crayon-662a78645b0ab842426912/] Which will get you access to the following functions: getSiteID getID getURLSuffix getParentPage getName getDescription getMeta getTheme isValid getTitle getModelTable getModelID getDefaultLayout cloneable isFrameBuster

Enhancing CMS for Modern ServiceNow Powered Websites

Having built over a dozen ServiceNow ESS portals, I finally had enough of the issues and limitations and decided to do something about it. What resulted was a month long effort of enhancing the CMS framework to function more like WordPress or other content management systems. I set out with some basic goals: Follow best practices Use semantic HTML & CSS Responsive layouts for mobile & tablet Avoid using iFrames Don't touch OOB Macros & UI pages To accomplish these goals I ended up having to add on quite a bit of functionality such as: Custom content types Header & footer templates Live search Event driven notifications Bring UI pages into CMS Form content blocks In this video I do a quick demonstration of these enhancements and our latest theme: "Orebro".