New Service Portal Documentation Page

Great news! We just added a new Service Portal documentation section. This material was originally created by the Service Portal development team. However, the original documentation on GitHub has since been removed, so we have decided to pick up where they left off. Our goal is that the maintenance of this documentation will become a community effort. Check it out here:

Free Widgets for Service Portal

We are excited to announce the launch of the free widget download page on Since day 1, has existed to be a resources and source of inspiration for the ServiceNow Community. With the launch of the new widgets page, we can now share some of the most frequently requested widgets with all of our followers. Not all of them will be complex, many of the most frequently used widgets are pretty simple. Our goal is to develop and give away at least one new widget per month. We believe that collaboration is key to success for all of us in the ServiceNow Community. If you have any suggestions or comments about our widgets, please let us know. View Free Widgets Page

Changes to Service Portal in Jakarta

The latest iteration of ServiceNow - Jakarta - has arrived. With this new release, comes new enhancements, additions, and other improvements to the Service Portal. One of the major focuses of Jakarta was improving accessibility within the portal. New Features Knowledge Base Portal A brand new portal that brings all the features of Knowledge Management V3 plugin into Service Portal. Available through plugin: Knowledge Management - Service Portal plugin (com.snc.knowledge_serviceportal). User Criteria You now have more control over who can see pages, widget instances, and search sources. Previously you could only use roles to control access, now you can use powerful user criteria. Condition Builder The "Data table from URL definition" widget can produce an information table very quickly and now it's even more powerful. It now allows you to graphically build the conditions for the table. Contextual Search Use instance options on a search widget to configure search sources. Contextual Search - Inline Results Not to be confused with the above feature, this new widget will render search results inside any of your record producers for incident deflection. New Portal You can now create a new portal from the Service Portal configuration page. Portal System Properties Module added for setting Service Portal system properties. Page Draft Option Restrict page access to admins only by setting a page to "draft". Enhancements Shopping cart enhancements Users have a few additional options with the shopping cart: Clear all items Add a saved bundle to an open cart, or override the existing items in the cart with the saved bundle Catalog Variables All variable types (excluding ones using Jelly) are now supported in Service Portal, although the functionality may not be identical to the platform UI. List, form, and widget improvements TinyMCE HTML editor has been updated Control the number of approvals shown through an instance option Service Catalog related items are now in their own plugin called Service Portal - Service Catalog. This plugin is activated with the Service Portal for Enterprise Management plugin. Accessibility Improvements Many improvements to accessibility were made in congruence with WCAG 2.0 A standards: Many defects fixed High contrast theme to help with those that can't see low contrast colors Define a screen reader title on any container records Server Script API: getCatalogItem() The 'getCatalogItem(String itemID)' method was changed to 'getCatalogItem(String itemID, boolean isOrdering)' Client Script API: server.update() Now sends your URL query parameters automatically to the server

Announcing the Contextual Search Results Widget

UPDATE: Now with updated pricing! Available now in the ServiceNow app store! With the NewRocket Contextual Search Results Widget your company can achieve incident deflection in the Service Portal. As self-service users enter details about their issue, search results appear within the form, allowing the user to view relevant knowledge articles, catalog items, or social Q&A thread instead of submitting an incident. The result: less incidents submitted and more satisfied users. Key Features - Integrates with existing record producers - View search results while typing - View individual result items without navigating to a new page - Simple to configure to show relevant knowledge articles, pinned articles, social Q&A and/or catalog items Click here for more details and pricing information!

Topics at Knowledge17

We’re working on some ideas for Service Portal related talks at Knowledge17. We have some good ideas for topics, but would love to hear from you: What are some topics or questions that you would love to see presented at K17? Here are some of the ideas we came up with: Developing custom apps in Service Portal Creating a custom theme Facilitate a great portal user experience Integrating your portal with an external service Creating a single portal serving multiple business units Advanced widget creation with Angular.js What are we missing? Please send us some of your ideas. We would love to hear from you. To submit your ideas, leave a comment below or email us at:

Service Portal Developers Wanted!!!

We're hiring! NewRocket is seeking an experienced front-end web developer who is an expert in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. We're passionate about creating amazing user experiences for self-service portals and custom applications on the ServiceNow platform. If you have a passion for pushing the boundaries of design and development, then we invite you to help us continue our mission. The selected candidate can expect to work with a talented team of developers and designers who are creating best of class mobile and web applications for some of the top companies in the world. This is an in-house position at our offices in Vista, CA. What You’ll Do: Create mobile and web applications based on site maps, wireframes and visual designs using standards/compliant JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 Participate in design review and client requirements sessions Collaborate with engagement managers and other developers to understand, estimate, prioritize and implement requests for development and maintenance Requirements: Minimum of 3-5 years front-end web development experience Proven, thorough knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, cross-browser compatibility issues, Adobe Photoshop, CSS grids & frameworks Ability to write JavaScript from scratch Experience with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, jQuery, React.js Expert in Responsive Web Design To apply, please email us your resume and portfolio to:

Shopping Cart Available for Service Portal

We have been hard at work developing tons of new Widget functionality, and as some of you noticed in the recent "Gothenburg Theme" video, that we have developed the shopping cart functionality that has been missing from Service Portal. The good news is that we have now released this as an update set that can be applied to any portal. The cart includes the following functionality: Multiple quantity support for both "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" Cart preview dropdown in the theme header Customizable URL's for "continue shopping" and "successful order" Ability to save and load a previously saved cart Order on behalf of another user Generate "Deliver to" from requested for users location Many "Instance Options" to customize the widgets Mobile cart icon when viewed on mobile devices Check out some of the screen captures below. If anyone is interested, please email us at for more information and pricing.  

Helsinki Release Available Now!

Helsinki has officially been released! This is great news for those of you looking to utilize the new Service Portal, but that's not all you should be excited about. Helsinki also offers many new exciting features such as: Customer Service Management (CSM) CSM offers a variety of communication channels that allow organizations to work with customers to ask and resolve questions. Using CSM you can utilize chat, web, email, and telephone to provide a better customer service experience. Portfolio workbench Program and portfolio workbench enables program tracking in a single view for improved decision-making and reporting.  New capability allows grouping projects and demand together as “programs,” allowing “program” level changes to cascade throughout the group, saving time and reducing data entry errors. List v3 List v3 is an optional feature that admins can activate in Helsinki. With List v3, you will be provided with more context within a list to prevent the number of clicks, new pages you have to open etc. Guided Setup Guided Setup accelerates time to value with predefined steps to configure incident, problem, change, service catalog and more. GIT Integration Streamlines the agile development process by supporting any Git-compatible distributed source control solution such as GitHub or Bitbucket. Native Apple iPad Application Tap into the power of the ServiceNow platform directly from an iPad with a native iOS experience. If you have not had the opportunity to check out Helsinki yet, it is also available as an upgrade option on all developer instances.