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With the new upcoming Helsinki release which will introduce ServicePortal, I have decided to change the name of this site and focus primarily on the new Service Portal. In the near future I will be working on many new tutorials and step by step introductions on how to build portals and custom widgets using Service Portal. Stay tuned!

Service Portal Update

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the release of Service Portal so I wanted to send out a quick update. Service Portal is being released in Geneva only as an opt-in technology preview. What that means is, it can be enabled only by ServiceNow, is for evaluation purposes only, and not for production use. Service Portal is scheduled to be fully available in Helsinki. To partake in the Geneva technology preview of Service Portal, please contact your ServiceNow support representative. For an inside look at the technology behind Service Portal, Dwight Gunning has put together a Google Doc.

Looking for the best portals on ServiceNow!

It never fails to amaze me the incredible custom applications and portals customers and partners around the world are developing on the ServiceNow platform. Using everything from CMS, Processors, UI Pages, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Service Portal. It's been a huge inspiration for me and as part of the ongoing effort of this website, I would love to start featuring some of portals and applications you guys build. So with that, if you have a portal or custom application that you would like to showcase, please email me a few screen captures to: Make sure to include some details about the project such as: what technologies was used, which plugins do you interface with (e.g. knowledge base, service catalog), did you develop internally or work with a partner, and how has it impacted your organization. By emailing me you are granting permission to post the screen captures and details on this site.

UPDATED: Bootstrap.js & Prototype.js in Fuji

I've been getting a ton of emails lately about the persistent issues with Bootstrap.js dropdowns, accordions, or other JavaScript based Bootstrap components in Fuji. This is caused by Prototype.js (not really a big surprise). This issue has existed as long a CMS has been around, however what is specific to Fuji is that all the usual tricks and workarounds have stopped working. Previously I released a couple workaround but they were not complete and issues remained. I think I finally have a solution that seems to work and I have yet to find a case where it does not. The solution is to replace Bootstrap.js (which relies on jQuery) with "Bootstrap Prototype" which is available here: You can still include jQuery (with noConflict()) and use as needed, but this will get all your drop down menus and Bootstrap components working with Prototype. HTML: [crayon-662a6c0a7c9bf322616431/] UI Script: (name: "prototype-bootstrap") [crayon-662a6c0a7c9c8895955807/]

Service Portal

I've been heads down for a while now working on the new ServicePortal, but today I wanted to give you guys just a quick review of what we're working on. Here is some quick bullet points on Service Portal: Service Portal is an alternative to CMS but not a replacement Portals are built using Twitter Bootstrap and Angular.js Features a customizable knowledge base and service catalog without the use of iframes Supports "record watching" for near realtime widget updates Live ticket chat Fully responsive for mobile and tablet Portals built using a powerful drag-n-drop designer I'm very excited about the Service Portal and the opportunities it will create for both partners and customers to develop feature rich beautiful interfaces on ServiceNow. Below are some quick snap shots of the sample portal we have built. It's still a work in progress and will most definitely look different by Geneva, but for now... here are some sample screen shots:

The New Service Portal

For those of you who didn't see Fred Luddy's keynote at Knowledge 15, you missed the demo of the new Service Portal. Although it is not necessarily a direct replacement for CMS, it does address a lot of the major issues of the current CMS and introduces several new features, such as: responsive service catalog & knowledge no iframes no prototype.js built with Bootstrap & Angular.js simple drag-n-drop interface customizable widgets realtime chat For a sneak peak of what's to come, watch Fred's keynote on the community:

I Need Your Help!!! (an exciting announcement)

I have accepted an offer to come back to ServiceNow and join the UI team, focusing specifically on CMS. I'm very excited and humbled by this incredible opportunity. Now this is where I could really use your help. Below are 3 questions regarding your experience with CMS, if you could take a moment to provide some feedback I would really appreciate it. You will help in shaping the future of the ServiceNow content management system. With the existing CMS, what are some of the biggest pain points and frustrations? If ServiceNow were to build a new CMS, what would that look like and what features would you like to see? How important would a mobile portal be for your organization and users?